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Terms and Conditions

Lessee (customer) undertakes that meets the statutory requirements for driving a motor vehicle.
Clients must be at least 20 years of age or have a driving license for at least 2 years.
The client must submit at least two identity documents.
We reserve the right to request a criminal record.
We reserve the right not to give a vehicle to any person without giving any reason.
Rent and deposit must be paid prior to the vehicle.
The deposit and rental fee can be paid in another currency.
The deposit is refundable upon receipt of the rental.
With vehicles, it is possible to consent to go abroad, but only to the Member States of the European Union, Croatia, Switzerland and Norway.
Can drive more people if they are included in the contract.
The vehicle is returned in the same condition, clean and washed, so as to take over the vehicle.
Status at vehicle fuel must be the same as when receiving.
If any damage to the vehicle including the interior, deposit will be forfeited.
The subsequent return of the vehicle without prior notification car rental will be charged as per next day car rental.
When not returning a technical license keys from the vehicle and damage to or loss of license plates penalty is 5,000 CZK.
In the event of an accident must first contact the car rental tenant, fill in the form of an accident, all the participants of the accident information, call the police and obtain a record of the accident.
In the event of early termination of lease, rental forfeit the rest.
In case of bad fuel refueling forfeit the deposit and the tenant is also obliged to pay all other expenses associated with cleaning the tank, including vehicle downtime.
When caused by defects or accidents not covered by insurance, services are charged the full cost of repairs, spare parts and downtime costs associated with the vehicle.
The missing part of the vehicle, the Lessee must pay the price of replacement parts plus service work.
In the event of vehicle breakdown, the tenant is required to contact the car rental company, not to carry out any repair work on the vehicle without prior consent of the worker's car rental.
The rest are governed by the contract to lease the vehicle.